“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

- Ellen DeGeneres

We provide the fundamental legal services and support which every stakeholders or business needs in following areas:

  • Incorporation of Company
  • Venture Capital
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Shareholder and Director Disputes
  • Sale of Shares
  • Sale of Business
  • Contract of Service
  • Contract for Service
  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Corporate or Personal Guarantee
  • Debt Recovery and Letter of Demand
  • Execution Proceeding
  • Enforcement Proceeding
  • Review Policy and Correspondence
  • Vetting and Negotiating Commercial Agreements
  • Drafting various kinds of Contract for Company

We always looks for best interest for all parties in broken relationship. Our areas of work include but not limited to the following:

  • Joint Petition Divorce
  • Single Petition Divorce
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Ancillary Relief in Divorce Proceeding
  • Custodianship of Children
  • Division of Matrimonial Assets
  • Maintenance in Divorce Proceeding
  • Adoption of Children
  • Family Trust
  • Transfer of Property between Family Members
  • Deed of Family Arrangement
  • Deed of Variation

Intellectual property (IP) rights are valuable assets for your business, that including your name and logo, designs, inventions, works of creative or intellectual effort or trade marks that distinguish your business can all be types of IP.

We provide legal advise on Trademark, Patent, Copyright and Industrial Design, Intellectual Property Registration, Passing off claims and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

In Malaysia, employment laws mainly governed by Employment Act 1955 and Industrial Relations Act 1967. To protect employee’s rights and interest and at the same time is the basis of the dispute resolution in between employers and employees.

We provide service on Industrial Relations & Employment matters by:

  • Drafting or reviewing contracts and decision in relation to welfare of the employees
  • Settlement of Dispute between employers and employees
  • Unfair termination, constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal

Estate planning and administration may prevents wealth from going to unintended beneficiaries, also to ensure the beneficiaries are well protected by assets that are passed on to them hassle free.

Our service include:

  • Will Drafting
  • Deed of Trust
  • Grand of Probate
  • Letter of Administration
  • Execution of Will
  • Digital asset Will
  • Resealing of Probates or LA granted out of Malaysia

We handle various kind of conveyancing and real estate transactions or deals:

  • Sale and Purchase of residential, commercial shop lots, office units, industrial factories and empty land
  • Memorandum of Transfer
  • Deed of Gift
  • Perfection of Charge
  • Discharge of Charge
  • Perfection of Transfer
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Receipt and Reassignment
  • Other Real Estate matters

We offer wide range of dispute resolution by litigation proceeding for:

  • Debts Recovery
  • Insurance Claim
  • Property Recovery & Tenants Eviction
  • Contract Disputes & Liquidated Damages
  • Property Damages Claims
  • Bankruptcy Proceeding
  • Winding Up Proceeding
  • Defamation 
  • Personal Injury
  • Other Tortious Actions

However, we are happy to advice clients on the most suitable mode of dispute resolution or settlement option and provide resolution guidance to our clients to solve their disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Our firm provides advice and representation across the whole spectrum of criminal law which include but not limited to:

  • Commercial Crimes
  • Computer Crimes
  • Offences under Penal Code
  • Others Bailable and Non-bailable Offences

Let us on hand to cater to all your business legal needs, to look after your legal matters and protect your interest.

We offer you to have your own legal retainer without setting up department with high cost and long term commitment.

FIRM'S Policies (CASE)

  • Cost Effective
  • Appropriate Use of Internet
  • Strictly Confidentiality
  • Environmentally Friendly

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